Who We Are

The Heal Group first entered the Waste Water Industry in 1978 when Aerobic Sewage Treatment Co. Pty. Ltd. released a range of Pre Cast Modular, Package Sewage Treatment Plants & Sewage Pumping Equipment base on the Tsurumi range of Raw Sewage Pumps.

In 1982 Heal Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd. entered the market with a range of Potable Water Treatment Systems, Pool Filtration Systems and Steel Package Sewage Treatment Plants. Since this time, the Group has developed a range of equipment for the Water, Waste Water and Solid Waste applications within the Municipal, Mining and Commercial Sectors.

In 1992, the Group became involved in the uses of Natural Zeolites within the Water and Water Waste Industry.

In 1986, the Group took the opportunity of expanding into the Export Market with its initial thrust into Papua New Guinea. This was in part due to the high amount of activity in the Minerals and Petroleum Industry and one of the Principal's knowledge of this close neighbour to Australia.

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